Nebraska Association of Public Employees

State Salary Survey

Here is the state’s salary survey. The states surveyed are listed at the top of the page.  NAPE is in the process of finalizing our survey, but it will not be substantially different. We have five state in common with the state. Kansas, Iowa,Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Arkansas. The state has 8  in their survey we have 7.  Our states that the state does not have in theirs are Colorado and North Dakota.

Colorado is problematic in that some jobs performed in Nebraska by state employees are done by employees in Colorado. Under the law for CIR purposes we must compare state job to state job.

Also you should know that for CIR purposes, we use a key class system. That key class is the Nebraska job that is a match to the jobs being compared. Then there are classes that are affiliated classes to the key class listed below.




Nebraska Association of Public Employees