Nebraska Association of Public Employees

NAPE Board

NAPE Board

Executive Board

Chairman                      Ryan McKay

Vice-Chairman            Adam Johnson

Secretary                      Toni Bonsera

Treasurer                      Richard Pumel

Sgt at Arms                Devin Davis

Member at large        Coralee Carver

Members at large         John Heeren

Other persons on the Board

*District Presidents are automatic delegates to the Board 

Omaha District

President                      George Collins

Lincoln District

President                    Deb Strudl

Southeast District

President                      Daniel Buchannan

York District

President                      Jerry Sonnek

South Central District

President                      Robin Smith

Southwest District

President                      Mike Towery


State College District

President                      Thomas Schmitz

Richardson County 

President                      Randy Gildsdorf

*Panhandle, Niobrara, and Sandhills districts (vacant for now)

Nebraska Association of Public Employees