Nebraska Association of Public Employees

CIR update

Oct. 23, 2017-Corrections’ members being mandated to work 12 hour shifts and more. NAPE/AFSCME finally had our CIR trial. A decision will be forthcoming.


Dec. 21, 2017- Our body camera case will be heard. NAPE/AFSCME’s position is clear– we believe that the implementation of body cams at select correctional facilities is a mandatory subject of bargaining.

Body Camera update

John Antonich is talking to Director Frakes on the issue of body cameras.

More to come.

Mike Marvin Retirement

I am retiring at the end of June. I was to retire June 2nd but put it off until theend of the month until a decison can be made on my replacement.

We hope to decide on a new hire soon and be able to make an announcement. There are four good candiatates being evaluated right now. Three from out of state and one from here in Lincoln. All have extensive Union experience.

It has been a pleasure serving you.

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