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Dear NDCS Staff,
Last week a survey from my office was sent out to each of you. I have received important and helpful feedback from those who have responded. With that said, I would like to ask those who have not yet responded to do so as I want to hear from as many staff as possible. The other day I spent a good chunk of the day at TSCI visiting with staff. In the months ahead I will do that at every correctional facility. Until I do so this survey is the best tool for me to hear from you.
Here is a link to the survey –
If you have already completed the survey, here is a link to the current results of the survey –
Thank you for your help – it is greatly appreciated.
Doug Koebernick
Inspector General for Corrections


Prosper Lincoln

We have been asked to help Prosper Lincoln in making Lincoln a better city for all. Please help and take a few minutes to respond.

I want to ask each of you to do something for Lincoln. It won’t take long and it will help create a better city for all of us. Simply go to and share any ideas you think would help to contribute to the success of our city’s youth, our economy, and our quality of life for all citizens.

I have had the honor to be involved in the work of the Prosper Lincoln group. This is a group that reaches far and wide across Lincoln with one common goal – to make our city better. This is your chance to help. Please take a moment now to visit and share an idea – or two. There are only two days left to submit ideas!

Big or small, all ideas are welcome. I really appreciate your help and participation.

Thank you!

Corrections Raise

Don’t know where it started, but there is a rumor going around that Corrections will be receiving a 10% raise. The contract calls for a 2.25% we have not heard anything about the department giving anymore than that as a merit raise.

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