Nebraska Association of Public Employees

Executive Directors Message

November 2018

The strength of any union comes from the commitment of its members to unite together to improve their working conditions. Since 1972, the Nebraska Association of Public Employees has worked hard to improve the lives of our members.

In order to best represent all state employees, NAPE uses its resources to employ a professional field staff to represent members across the state, to have top notch legal advice, to have a team of lobbyists working at the capital to ensure our interests have a voice, and to bargain the best possible contract. In order to provide the best representation, NAPE relies on its resources which come primarily in the form of membership dues.

NAPE has faced a number of challenges in the past few years, including the need to defend against potentially harmful legislation, bargaining against an anti-labor administration, and the decertification of the protective services bargaining unit. To be frank, the challenges distracted us from our primary focus – our members. So today, we recommit to doing what we do best: providing the best representation to Nebraska Public Employees.

The Board of Directors met on October 13 and passed a budget and strategic plan that will help meet our goal of providing the very best in union representation. It is our goal to grow by 450 members by June 30, 2019. In order to accomplish this, you will see the following:

  • NAPE field staff will be actively visiting worksites throughout the state, with a particular commitment to areas that have been underserved in recent years.
  • During contract negotiations and the ratification process, we will communicate through site meetings, e-mail, and ongoing conversations to make sure members are well educated on the issues and have an understanding of the agreements. There will be no backroom deals.
  • We will double the number of stewards. If you want to be involved in our future, sign up for an upcoming steward training. Stewards training sessions will be advertised via e-mail and our website. Trainings take just 3 hours, and new stewards will receive ongoing support. Will you help lead and shape our future?
  • We will consistently communicate with members about important issues affecting their employment. Make sure your personal e-mail address is up-to-date by visiting our website:
  • A committee has been established to review our current “District” structure and will recommend an organizational system that will best represent our diverse membership. Until the committee makes a recommendation and the bylaws can be amended, we will actively re-establish District meetings in the Niobrara, Panhandle, Sandhills, Southwest and Southeast districts. We need member leaders! Can we count on you? Click here to see a map of our districts.
  • Vacancies on the Board of Directors will be filed by the end of the first quarter of 2019. We are in need a Secretary, Treasurer, and District Presidents from the Department of Education, Niobrara, Panhandle, Sandhills, Southwest, and Southeast Districts. These Board members commit to being a steward, attend a monthly district meeting, and a quarterly board meeting in Lincoln. Travel/lodging expenses to/from Lincoln will be reimbursed.

Our union has been a leading voice for Nebraska Public Employees for 46 years because of the strength and resolve of our members. We will continue to thrive because we are stronger together. We look forward to growing in size and strength in 2019! Will you help us grow? Please consider a few small steps. Talk to colleagues and encourage them to become a member (they can sign-up at, attend a union meeting, take a steward training class, or become a leader. Our future is bright, and we hope you will be a part of our success. Together we are NAPE strong!

Nebraska Association of Public Employees