Nebraska Association of Public Employees

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April 2019

With so many new members joining our union, we want to make sure all of our members know about our short and long term goals, and we want to make sure you have access to all of your benefits.

In the short term, our goal is to add another 100 new members by June 30, 2019. Our purpose in organizing new members is so that we can focus on our long term goals. This summer, the newly elected delegates to the Delegate Assembly will be asked to approve a five-year strategic plan for our union, they will approve a legislative platform, they will elect our leaders, and they will amend our local bylaws.

The strategic plan will be a guiding document of our goals moving forward. Some of these goals include conducting a comprehensive salary comparison survey, growing member involvement in the negotiations process, developing worksite steward leaders, and more. The legislative platform will be an action plan to make sure quality legislation that benefits our members is passed in the Nebraska Senate. The purpose of revising our bylaws is to make sure our policies and rules allow us to conduct the business of the union in a way that involves the most members in the process. Everyone’s voice is important!

To make our voice heard, we must grow! We’re on the right path, but we can use your help. Talk to your colleagues about joining our union. Tell them we are growing our union now to prepare for the next round of negotiations, and that we are organizing to change the State Employees Collective Bargaining Act to give us a fair chance of negotiating a better contract.

Don’t forget to mention the tangible benefits like complimentary life insurance, AFSCME Member Benefit discounts, AFSCME Free College Program, and free representation in grievances and work-related legal matters. These are an incredible value! If you haven’t accessed your membership benefits, please do so! You can visit the AFSCME Member Benefits site, the AFSCME Free College Program site, and you can always contact our office if you or someone you know needs assistance.

Thank you for your dedication to our union! We look forward to further growth!

Nebraska Association of Public Employees