NAPE Elects New Officers

On August 25, 2019 delegates to the NAPE Biennial Convention held in Lincoln elected new officers to lead our union, including five women! 

The new NAPE Chairperson is Deb Strudl. Deb is a 34 year veteran of the Department of Health and Human Services. She is an Adult Protective Services Specialist and works out of the DHHS CFS Office on S. 16th Street in Lincoln. Deb is committed to the continued growth of NAPE, and she becomes the first female chairperson of the union. Deb replaces Ryan McKay who served as NAPE Chairperson for the past twenty years.

Vice Chairperson Toni Bonsera is a DHHS Program Specialist based out of the Nebraska State Office Building in Lincoln. Toni has been a NAPE member for all 14 years that she has worked for the State of Nebraska. 

Secretary Diane Laffin was elected for the first time after being appointed to fill a vacancy earlier this year. Diane is a Preservation Archeologist with History Nebraska in Lincoln where she has worked for the past six years. Diane has been a steward and an active member of the Government Affairs Committee.

Treasurer Jay Jensen was first appointed to the Board of Directors as Member at Large this winter to fill a vacancy and chose to run for Treasurer at the Delegate Assembly. A six year veteran of the Department of Transportation, Jay is a Senior Highway Maintenance Worker based out of District 2 Headquarters in Omaha.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jeff Gillett was re-elected to his position and brings with him many years of experience on the Board of Directors. Jeff has worked for the State of Nebraska since 2001. Jeff started his career at the Department of Corrections, but now you can find him at the State Capitol where he works as a plumber. 

Member-at-Large Lindsey Eads was elected by an overwhelming majority of the delegates on the first ballot in a field of four nominees. Lindsey is a Supply Worker at the Central Nebraska Veterans’ Home in Kearney, but she has worked for the State of Nebraska for 18 years having worked at the Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center in Kearney for her first 17 years with the state.

Member at Large Vicki Vosler is a 27 year veteran of the Game & Parks Commission and is a Food Service Leader at Mahoney State Park in Ashland. A long serving steward, Vicki is excited to serve on the Board of Directors for the first time.