Record Membership Growth & Participation in February!

NAPE launched it’s “Join, Serve, Lead” campaign in order to build strength for contract negotiations in 2020. After posting a 17% growth in membership in 2019, NAPE has continued to grow in early 2020. After 73 new members joined NAPE in January, we posted a single month growth record in February with 94 new members joining last month.

In January, NAPE put out our 2020 Contract Negotiations Survey. Over 2,100 state employees took our survey. We will be sharing the results at local area meetings in March and April and will post a summary on our website in April. Great ideas and comments were shared, and  your voice was heard. 

We are asking all state employees to participate in our “Join, Serve, Lead” campaign. If you are not a NAPE member, please join! Our strength is in our numbers, and we need you in order to have success at the bargaining table. If you are already a member, we are asking you to serve in some capacity. You can be a worksite point of contact, a member of our contract action team, or become a NAPE steward. All members should vote in our election for delegates to the bargaining conference. Ballots will be sent to members in early March, and must be postmarked by April 15.

Please talk to your colleagues and explain the importance of having a strong union. We hope to see you at an upcoming meeting or event near you!