Board of Directors Meeting Recap

The NAPE Board of Directors meet in Lincoln on Saturday, February 29 for their regular quarterly meeting. The BOD heard a number of reports and took action on a number of items. Below is a summary of action taken by the Board:

  • The Membership, Organizational & Leadership Committee reported that 319 new members joined NAPE this fiscal year (since July 1, 2019). Overall membership is up 27.4% over that period time. Our “Join, Serve Lead” campaign has seen great success since its launch in October. Our efforts to grow will continue as we look to strengthen the membership prior to negotiations in the fall.
  • The Membership Rights Committee reported that NAPE filed 78 grievances in 2019. Of the 43 cases that were completely contested through the grievance process, NAPE prevailed 75% of the time. We will continue to enforce our contracts and hold agencies accountable when they ignore our negotiated agreements.
  • The Government Affairs Committee recommended that NAPE endorse Kara Eastman (U.S. Congressional Candidate – NE District 2) in the Democratic primary. The committee interviewed Eastman, as well as Ann Ashford and Gladys Harrison. The committee felt that all three candidates were qualified, however, Eastman’s positions and her overall electability led to their recommendation. The Board adopted the recommendation and Kara Eastman has NAPE’s endorsement. The GAC committee will meet in Lincoln on March 18 to interview primary candidates for the 1st US Congressional District and 29th State Legislative District. Committee Chair Adam Johnson (DHHS – Fremont) will attend the AFL-CIO COPE Conference on NAPE’s behalf.
  • The Board heard a presentation regarding the results of our negotiations survey. Over 2,100 employees responded to the survey, and the results will be shared with the membership at area meetings in March and April.
  • The Board had a first reading of the Fiscal Year 2021 NAPE budget. This tentative draft budget gave the BOD an opportunity to offer feedback and direct spending priorities before they approve the budget in June. The draft budget is completely balanced, and includes adding a full time field staff member. The Board agreed that spending on organizing, member outreach, and representation is our top priority. 
  • Our accountants, DeBoer & Associates (Omaha), present the Fiscal Year 2019 audit. The audit was clean, meaning that NAPE’s financial statements accurately reflect our financial condition. The auditors complimented NAPE management in their handling of the finances. The BOD accepted the audit, and it is available for inspection by all members at the NAPE office in Lincoln.
  • Our attorney Dalton Tietjan of Tietjen, Simon and Boyle (Lincoln) advised the Board on our next steps in challenging the DHHS Dress Code. A new grievance was filed, and we will continue through the grievance process. If DHHS does not resolve the grievance at Step I or agree to negotiate with us regarding the changes, we will also file a prohibited practice charge with the Nebraska Commission on Industrial Relations (CIR). Dalton provided the case law and arguments that we will make if it becomes necessary.