ASFCME Delegate Assembly Ballots Due April 15

In February, NAPE members nominated 48 eligible members to be delegates to our 2020 State Bargaining Conference. This is the official meeting of the union where delegates adopt our bargaining proposals and elect members to the negotiations team.

There were 48 delegate positions available, plus 12 automatic delegates from the Board of Directors. We received a total of 48 nominations that were accepted, plus the 12 automatic delegates. Those members are, therefore, declared elected, and there is no need to hold an election for State Bargaining Conference Delegates. Click here to see a list of those members who will be delegates to our State Bargaining Conference. At the conference, delegates will elect fellow delegates to serve on the negotiations team.

For our members at the Department of Education and State College System, Bargaining Conference Elections will be held later this spring. For our members at the Richardson County Roads/Highway Department, elections have already been held. 

All NAPE members are entitled to vote to elect two delegates to the AFSCME Delegate Assembly. The AFSCME Delegate Assembly is the highest governing body of AFSCME International. Delegates from around the country will meet in Los Angeles, California from August 9-14. Nominees for NAPE/AFSCME Delegate Assembly delegates are Eric Bachenberg (DHHS, Lincoln), Toni Bonsera (DHHS, Lincoln), Denise Carpenter (DHHS, Beatrice), Paul Farrand (DHHS, Omaha), Karl Graff (DHHS, Fremont), Jay Jensen (NDOT, Omaha), and Deb Strudl (DHHS, Lincoln). 

Ballots will be mailed to all members on March 6, and must be postmarked no later than April 15. Members may vote for not more than two candidates.