Tell Ricketts: Enough Is Enough

NelNet gets $35/hour to process Unemployment Claims

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Governor Ricketts and the Nebraska Department of Labor signed an agreement with NelNet to pay $35/hour for temporary workers to help process unemployment claims. The agreement will last a minimum of three months and generate $1.7 million in revenue for NelNet.

Our hardworking NAPE Unemployment Adjudicators and other state employees have processed over 80,000 claims for fellow Nebraskans in need since March 8.

Our Unemployment Adjudicators make $17.05/hour.

In the past two weeks, we delivered 1,600 petitions to Governor Ricketts demanding that all state employees (who are able) be allowed to work from home, that offices be closed to the public while services continue by phone, and pay a $2/hour shift differential for all employees who must report to work to provide essential services.

In response, Mr. Ricketts simply said, “we’re all working hard.” DHHS Chief Medical Officer Gary Anthone quipped that he wanted a $2/hour raise too. Since these leaders made wisecracks about our common sense requests, the following has happened:

  • State employees have gotten sick with COVID-19.
  • DHHS had to close the S. Pine Grand Island office after multiple employees tested positive.
  • State employees continue to work tirelessly to support their fellow Nebraskans.

How does the Governor respond? $1.7 million dollars to Nelnet. The cost to provide our Unemployment Adjudicator’s $2/hour in hazard pay for three months? $51,840. Total.

NelNet is worth $1.7 million dollars to Governor Ricketts, while state employees aren’t worth even 3% of that. 

Enough is enough. 

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We renew our call for the governor to allow state employees to work from home where possible, to close local service offices while continuing services by phone, and a $2/hour shift differential for anyone required to report to work in person. Click below to write the governor a message in support. Tell him state employees are worth it! Can we get more than 1,600 responses? Please share this message with all of our supporters.

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