Proper PPE & Safety Training Required

NAPE members have the right to a safe working environment and proper personal protective equipment while performing their jobs under our contract. As coronavirus restrictions loosen, NAPE members will come into contact with more and more members of the public. In order to protect yourself, it is imperative that members advocate for proper safety protocols and PPE with their supervisors.

If you do not have proper PPE such as masks, gloves, or other supplies, you should first e-mail your supervisor to alert them to the lack of supplies and request that they be provided immediately. If that does not rectify the situation, please contact us.

If you work in a classification such as nursing, APS/CPS, investigations, examining, or surveying where you may come into direct contact with a COVID-19 positive individual, you should be fitted with proper PPE. If you have not, you should request by e-mail that your supervisor provide you with properly fitted PPE and training. You should never put yourself in an unsafe situation.

In office settings, management should follow proper social distancing guidelines including keeping six feet of space between employees and ensuring that high contact areas are frequently sanitized. If your manager is not following these protocols, you should send them an e-mail and ask them to please follow the guidelines. If that does not rectify the situation, please contact us.

The failure of management to provide proper safety equipment and training is a grievable issue and your refusal to comply with an order that would jeopardize your safety is a defense to disciplinary action. With that said, it is important to voice your concerns and make reasonable requests to address the safety issue before declining an assignment. If you find yourself in a situation where you question your safety, please contact us for assistance.