Appendix Bargaining Meetings Open to All NAPE Members

While our elected negotiating team will bargain with the state on salary, benefits, and other subjects on behalf of all state employees, all NAPE members have the opportunity to be involved in meetings regarding the bargaining of the “Appendix” agreements. The Appendix agreements are made between individual state agencies and their employees.

Topics that are bargained into the agency specific Appendix agreements include overtime assignment procedures, site/agency specific procedures, safety language, uniforms, and more. All NAPE members are invited to attend their agency Appendix meeting. At the meeting, members will decide on their Appendix negotiation priorities, and select members to serve on the Appendix bargaining team. 

Members can attend their meeting in person in Lincoln, or participate remotely by phone or using Zoom. Scheduled meetings are below. More will be added, and invitations will be sent to all members. All times are central time.

To register for your appendix meeting, please click here.

History Nebraska – September 1 – 6pm

Department of Revenue – September 10 – 6pm 

DHHS – September 13 – 9am 

Corrections – September 16 – 6pm 

Veterans Affairs – September 20 – 9am

Military – September 22 – 6pm

Labor – September 23 – 6pm

Transportation – September 28 – 6pm

DAS/oCIO – September 30 -6pm