Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

3,000 Strong Worksite Lunches Spark Member Involvement

In March, NAPE/AFSCME kicked off our 2024 Contract Negotiations Campaign with lunch meetings at worksites across the state. At these 30-minute meetings, union members are preparing for contract negotiations by filling out involvement cards to show how they will be involved in negotiating the best possible contract this year.

So far, hundreds of State of Nebraska employees have attended our campaign kick off lunch meetings. It is clear that NAPE/AFSCME union members are motivated, excited, and ready to get involved!  Union members have even encouraged their non-member colleagues to attend the meetings to learn more.

Campaign kick off lunches will continue in April with a dozen more meetings. Click here to see our schedule. We will also host a virtual meeting on April 19. Click here to register for the virtual meeting in advance. These meetings are open to both NAPE/AFSCME members and non-members, so feel free to invite your colleagues. Ask your supervisor to flex your lunch period in order to attend. This is a short 30-minute meeting, not a drop-in visit. Boxed lunches will be provided before the start of each meeting. 

By organizing and preparing for negotiations, our union will continue growing. This growth will make us stronger and allow us to negotiate the best possible contract in 2024. These worksite lunches are just the beginning of our campaign. If you want to make meaningful changes in your workplace, attend a meeting and encourage your coworkers to get involved. If you are not yet a member of our union, will you join us today?

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees