Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

Board of Directors Runoff Election Results

In March, NAPE/AFSCME members voted by mail to elect the 2023-2025 Board of Directors. Five seats went to a runoff election that was conducted by mail in April. The results of the runoff election are as follows:

Bold names elected

Eastern Area Representative (22 votes cast, 12 required for election)

Ralph Quick – 9

Gail Mann – 13

Western Area Representative (28 votes cast, 15 required for election)

Chasity Jenny – 9

Kris Rosmann – 19

Lincoln Area Representatives (202 votes cast, 51 required for election)

Avery Hulse – 55

Jessica Davis – 60

Sharon Waters – 35

Rene Botts – 58

NDOT Representative (35 votes cast, 18 required for election)

Tim Miller – 20

Sean Vilmont – 15

State Colleges (21 votes cast, 11 required for election)

Brandon Ziska – 9

Kelly Overshiner – 12

The winners of the runoff elections will join those members below who were previously elected. New Board members will be sworn into office on June 10, 2023 at NAPE/AFSCME Headquarters in Lincoln.

Melissa Haynes (DHHS, Fremont) – President

Brian Koch (Labor, Beatrice) – Vice President

Diane Laffin (History Nebraska, Lincoln) – Secretary 

Jay Jensen (NDOT, Omaha) – Treasurer

Carlos Ndirangu (NDVA, Norfolk) – North Area Representative

Lindsey Eads (NDVA, Kearney) – Southern Area Representative

Gail Mann (DHHS, Beatrice) – Eastern Area Representative

Kris Rossman (DHHS, Scottsbluff) – Western Area Representative

Rene Botts (DHHS, Lincoln) – Lincoln Area Representative

Jessica Davis (DHHS, Lincoln) – Lincoln Area Representative

Brianne Bushlow (DHHS, Fremont)  – Omaha Area Representative

Ashlie Thompson (Lincoln) – DHHS Representative

Toni Bonsera (Lincoln) – DHHS Representative

Tim Miller (Ravenna) – NDOT Representative

Brandon Brown (Revenue, Lincoln) – State Agency Representative

Sam Hansen (NDEE, Lincoln) – State Agency Representative

Anissa Rasmussen (DED, Lincoln) – State Agency Representative

Katherine Knutzen (Columbus) – Department of Education Representative

Kelly Overshiner (Chadron) – State Colleges Representative

Bryan Dettmann (Falls City) – Richardson County Representative

Mary Schawanke (DHHS, Fremont) – Supervisory Representative

Rachel Kreifels (DHHS, Lincoln) – At-Large Representative

Daniel Buchanan (NDCS, Lincoln) – At-Large Representative

Mari Waid (DHHS, Scottsbluff) – At-Large Representative

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