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CFS Member Shares Why He Joined His Union

Danny Menyweather is a Lead Child/Family Services Specialist for the State of Nebraska and a proud NAPE/AFSCME union member. Union members just negotiated record pay increases for state employees, and Danny encourages all state employees to join us and become a union member today.  

Danny became a union member because he believed state employees were not fairly compensated. He knew that he couldn’t fix this problem alone – no state employee can do it alone. He also knows that the work CFS workers do is complicated. It’s complex work which makes him glad he has the strength of thousands of union members behind him who are ready to have his back if necessary.

Danny loves his job as a CFS Specialist because children are our future. He is able to help the vulnerable youth of Nebraska and their parents everyday. Danny and other CFS workers help to improve society by providing services to at-risk children and their families.

As our union has grown, we’ve been able to secure over 30% in wage increases for CFS workers in under 3 years and Danny is proud of this accomplishment. Danny knows that our union members stand behind one another when it comes to the complex situations we encounter in our work. We can use our contract to make sure we protect each other at the workplace.

Danny has watched our union give us all a voice in the workplace. We helped members fight unfair evaluations, ensure safe working conditions, and even won a case at the Supreme Court to protect our rights. There are also fantastic discounts and benefits that are better than what the state offers. 

Having a union is a great benefit and Danny encourages all state employees to become members. Thanks to all that our union has accomplished, Danny knows that we will be able to retain the great workers we have and hire good ones in the future. If you are not a NAPE/AFSCME member, join and stand with us as we demand higher wages, fair treatment, and respect on the job. 

Nebraska Association of
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