Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

DMV Examiners Unite to Continue the Fight for Higher Wages

In November 2023, our union sent the State of Nebraska a request to bargain over wages for Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Motor Vehicle Examiners. The DMV continues to struggle to attract and retain Motor Vehicle Examiners, resulting in office closures or offices with limited operating hours across the state. 

The low pay and high turnover have clear, adverse effects on Nebraskans. In February, our union took further action by testifying at the legislature’s appropriations committee to advocate for an increase to the DMV budget so we can negotiate higher wages for DMV Examiners. Click here to watch the testimony.

Three years ago, the Motor Vehicle Examiner’s starting wage was $15.33. That wage was unacceptable and union members mobilized and fought hard to win increases of more than 21% over the last three years. We know that this is not enough, which is why uniting together on this issue is so important.

We need all State of Nebraska employees to join us in our fight for higher wages. Critically understaffed DMV offices negatively impact all Nebraskans. To win at the bargaining table and to secure higher wages, we need to send a clear message that DMV Examiners deserve meaningful wage increases.

When we all stand together as union members, we can win! If you’re not yet a member of our union, will you join us today in the push for better wages?

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees