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Executive Order Eliminates State Jobs, Union Members Prepare to Negotiate

On April 30, the Governor issued Executive Order 24-03 which will effectively eliminate more than 1,000 vacant state jobs by removing funding for positions that have been vacant for more than 90 days. Currently, more than 1 in 5 state jobs are vacant.

State employees have worked tirelessly through difficult staffing situations and working conditions for the past four years. Nevertheless, they continue to provide vital services to keep operations running for all Nebraskans, often taking on additional work and responsibilities in order to best serve their communities. 

“This executive order hurts all Nebraskans,” said Justin Hubly, Executive Director of NAPE/AFSCME. “We should expect consequences, including longer lines and closures at DMV locations to continue, hold times to increase when applying for Medicaid, and a slow down in the delivery of unemployment services, just to name a few. We want to do the best for our neighbors, but we simply can’t deliver quality service with a permanent 20% reduction in the state workforce.” 

Union members are currently preparing to negotiate our next labor contract. Agencies need to be fully staffed, or the remaining employees must be compensated for picking up additional duties. Union members will negotiate beginning at the end of the summer. NAPE/AFSCME will host more than 35 town hall meetings in May and June where members can share contract negotiations priorities. Click here for a full list of meetings

Union members also have due process protections, more protections in the event of a reduction in force, and access to our professional field staff. If you are not a union member, click here to join us today. Now is the time to stand with your colleagues. Union members have each other’s backs.

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees