GAC Summary: Legislative District 10

Senator Wendy DeBoer (incumbent)

GAC members with Senator Wendy DeBoer

Senator Wendy DeBoer is running for reelection because she wants to continue doing “good work.” She states that serving in the legislature is always worthwhile, and that Nebraska needs to look out for Nebraskans.

Wendy states that the public services she uses the most include the Department of Revenue when filing taxes, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Motor Vehicles, and the Department of Health. She emphasizes that public services are crucial to keeping communities safe. She would like to see improvements within the corrections system, including promoting community corrections and improving transitions back into the community. 

Wendy states that she will work to ensure public services and programs are fully funded, and says that funding is the “key thing legislature is supposed to be doing.”

When asked how federal infrastructure should be prioritized, she stated that roads, bridges, culverts, and dams need to be at a more sustainable level; she also cites the Corps of Engineers, which gave Nebraska infrastructure a D+. She also states that rural broadband must be implemented to prevent the depopulation of rural areas. Moreover, she says that medical availability and healthcare must be improved in rural parts of the state. 

Wendy strongly opposes the privatization of public services, and states that she approaches public/private partnerships with skepticism, as there are “certain roles that government and companies play in our lives, and those roles are very different.”

Wendy supports the right of Nebraska State Employees to unionize, ensuring state employee wages are equal to or greater than inflation, as well as paid parental leave.

To fill vacancies and end agency turnover, she states that the solution is to make wages more comparable to private industries that compete for the limited workforce in Nebraska. Moreover, she says that cultural issues in agencies must be fixed, and she would need input from those who actually work the job.

Wendy supports the current filibuster rules and the election of committee chairs through secret ballot. She believes that undermining both rules “erodes the bipartisan unicameral.”

When asked what makes her the best candidate, Wendy cited her four years of experience in the legislature, along with the relationships and trust she has cultivated on both sides of the aisle. She states that the trust she has built allows for a voice people will listen to, and helps her to understand opposition and find common ground.

Lou Ann Goding

Lou Ann Goding did not respond to our invitation for an interview.