GAC Summary: Legislative District 8

Marilyn Arant Asher

Marilyn Arant Asher did not respond to our invitation for an interview.

Senator Megan Hunt (Incumbent)

Senator Megan Hunt is a sixth-generation Nebraskan, who has lived and worked in her district for 18 years. She currently owns a small business, and lives with her son and dog. She was the first ever LGBTQ+ person elected to the Nebraska Legislature, and the first woman from her district. She has passed 63 bills, and understands the value of building coalitions as a progressive, without either side compromising their values. She is running for re-election because she wants to be a champion for the middle and working classes of Nebraska. 

Megan states that the public services she most frequently uses are the library, Orbt Bus, and public school teachers. She would like to expand incentives and benefits for public school teachers, and add more support staff positions for teachers and students.

Megan states that she will work to ensure that public services are fully funded, and opposes the privatization and outsourcing of public services. 

Megan supports the right of Nebraska State Employees to unionize.

Megan also states that she has several priorities, which include affordable access to healthcare and mental healthcare, equitable funding throughout the K-12 school system, and preventing brain drain in Nebraska.