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Lincoln DHHS Member Has Flex Schedule Request Approved After Grievance

NAPE/AFSCME member Dustina Donner is a Social Services Worker for DHHS who works in Lincoln. In late 2022, Dustina requested to reasonably flex her schedule in accordance with Article 7 of our union contract. Upon receiving the request, Dustina’s supervisor responded that employees were not allowed to flex their schedules. Dustina didn’t think that was correct so she reached out to NAPE/AFSCME with the concern.

NAPE/AFSCME field staff confirmed it is a violation of the contract for a supervisor to unreasonably deny a flex time request, let alone argue that flex time is not allowed.  A grievance was filed on Dustina’s behalf alleging the contract violation. The grievance sought to have Dustina’s request approved. During the grievance process, DHHS agreed that Dustina’s request to flex her schedule should be approved. She is now once again able to flex her schedule.

Our contract allows union members to request flex time and ensures that these requests cannot be unreasonably denied. It’s important for employees to stand up and enforce their rights under the contract. Dustina did the right thing by reaching out when her request was unreasonably denied. If you are told that you are not allowed to flex your schedule, please contact us right away for assistance. 

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