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Lincoln Game and Parks Member Shares Why She Joined Our Union

NAPE/AFSCME member Renae Blum is a Marketing and Communications Specialist II for the Nebraska Game and Parks. Renae joined our union in early February to unite with her colleagues in our fight to protect remote work.

Before learning about NAPE, Renae said she knew a little bit about unions from what she read in the news, so she recognized that unions across the country were doing important things and accomplishing big wins.

“It took some time for me to realize the personal connection, that my union was doing important things for me, too, and that work was worth my personal investment,” she said.

Renae joined our union after reading about our fight to protect remote work.

“As the fight around remote work ramped up, I became more and more impressed at how hard our union was working on our behalf, both to inform us about what was happening and to deliver results,” she said.

Renae works in the office most days but has the option to work remotely when necessary. So, though the return-to-office wouldn’t cause a big disruption, she knows that many people benefit from and rely on remote work — and that’s ultimately why she knew it was time to join our union. 

“I could see our union’s passionate commitment and drive to protect workers’ rights — including standing up for workers who have been unfairly disciplined or let go,” she said. “I want to have our union behind me should I ever happen to need it. I’m proud to have joined thousands of others in supporting our union’s work, and I look forward to seeing what the future has in store.” 

Renae said she’s going to continue closely following the remote work fight and help advocate for wage increases during the next round of contract negotiations this fall.

Outside of work, Renae enjoys reading and spending time with her cat. She also loves to explore Lincoln’s dining and theater scene. 

Our members make us strong — and NAPE/AFSCME will continue to grow to strengthen our position at the bargaining table. The historic growth we have seen in the past year is evidence that our members will continue to unite together to protect each others’ rights. If you’re not a member, join us today!

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