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Lincoln Social Services Worker Has Leave Approved After Grievance Win

NAPE/AFSCME member Amy Beranek, a Social Services Worker for the Department of Health and Human Services, recently won a grievance after her supervisor unreasonably denied her leave request, forcing her into a leave without pay status.

In August, Amy requested to use 23.6 hours of vacation leave to cover absences that were due to illness. Her supervisor denied the vacation request, stating that vacation leave cannot be used in place of sick leave.

Amy was confused because this type of leave request had not been an issue in the past, but she knew our union would have her back.

“This type of situation is why I think our union is so great. Sometimes people have misunderstandings about our contract and there can be all kinds of different interpretations,” she said. “Things change, like the stance on vacation leave did.”

NAPE/AFSCME successfully argued that it was unreasonable for an employee who wishes to use accrued vacation leave to be forced into a leave without pay status. To be made whole, Amy was permitted to use the 23.6 hours of vacation leave that she had requested.

“The grievance process was smooth,” Amy said. “I was very happy with my Field Representative’s encouragement and communication. It’s great to have such a responsive union at your back.”

Amy made the right decision by promptly reaching out to her NAPE/AFSCME representative. If you feel your leave request has been unreasonably denied, contact us right away.

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