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Member Spotlight: Tim Miller, NDOT Crew Chief – Ravenna

NAPE/AFSCME member Tim Miller, a Highway Maintenance Crew Chief for the Nebraska Department of Transportation in Ravenna, joined our union because he wanted to be part of the effort to advocate for his fellow State of Nebraska employees.

Tim enjoys working outdoors, being with great coworkers, and loves that every day brings a new challenge. Tim and his coworkers make sure that the roads and highways in central Nebraska are well maintained and safe for members of the public in all weather conditions. 

Tim has worked for the State of Nebraska for ten years and he has been a NAPE member for the past two years. Since then, he has become a union activist, was elected to our Board of Directors, served as a delegate at the 2023 Biennial Delegate Assembly, and became a union steward.

Tim makes a point to regularly attend our NAPE/AFSCME  union meetings in Grand Island. In doing so, he has learned how to help lead employees and educate them on the rights that our union contract guarantees them.

“I have learned that being a union member means that your voice is heard when we negotiate our contract,” he said. “Our management can only pass or fail you, but they can’t hold us back. They really have no say about how much we make or what our value is.”

Tim believes that our union has the potential for exponential growth over the next few years.

“I see us growing to be just as strong as the autoworkers or railroad unions,” he said. “When we strengthen and grow our numbers, we have a louder voice at the bargaining table.”

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