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Member Spotlight: Trevor Burianek – State Network Analyst

NAPE/AFSCME member Trevor Burianek began working for the State of Nebraska in March and he joined our union on his very first day.

Trevor is a State Network Analyst for the Department of Administrative Services. He went to school for IT Networking and sought State employment because he saw it as an opportunity for growth and career advancement.

Trevor describes his role as being a middleman between internal service providers and the vendors who supply the necessary equipment to make those operations possible. For example, if a building or office needed all new desk phones or cell phones, Trevor would facilitate the acquisition and delivery of the necessary equipment. 

“I like that I have a lot of interaction with my team while also getting to interact with people at different agencies all across the state,” he said. “I also enjoy that sometimes it’s a challenge to fulfill unique and different requests in order to ensure that State of Nebraska employees have what they need to provide essential services.”

NAPE/AFSCME members like Trevor are an essential part of keeping our state agencies running, and Trevor said he’s proud to be a part of the process.

“Ultimately, it’s about fulfilling needs and accommodating things that people all across Nebraska need in order to successfully do their job,” he said.

For fun, Trevor likes playing board games and video games with his friends. He also enjoys running and working out.

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