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NAPE/AFSCME Requests Meeting with Governor Pillen to Discuss DHHS CEO Appointment

At the August 25 NAPE/AFSCME Board of Directors meeting, the board instructed NAPE/AFSCME Executive Director Justin Hubly to request a meeting with Governor Jim Pillen to discuss his appointment of Dr. Steve Corsi as CEO of the Department of Health and Human Services. 

A number of our members have reached out to their union leaders expressing concerns about Dr. Corsi’s social media activity prior to his appointment as CEO. These members believe that Dr. Corsi’s online activity suggests that he will not treat all employees with dignity and respect.

At the Board’s direction, Executive Director Hubly has requested a meeting with Governor Pillen in order to discuss our members’ concerns regarding Dr. Corsi’s appointment. In doing so, the Board hopes to get a better understanding of why Dr. Corsi was chosen before NAPE/AFSCME takes an official position during his confirmation hearing at the Legislature. You can read a copy of the meeting request by clicking here.

Our union is built upon the belief that every employee is entitled to dignity and respect in their workplace. NAPE/AFSCME is committed to that mission, and will continue to advocate for all state employees. The Board of Directors will take further action based on the results of the meeting at its October 14 meeting in Lincoln.

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