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Nebraska Labor Unions Host Lunch & Learn for State Senators

On Tuesday, January 16, NAPE/AFSCME  joined with other Nebraska labor unions to host a  lunch for State Senators to educate our elected leaders about unions and the labor movement in Nebraska. The majority of Nebraska State Senators and their staff attended to learn more about unions and the things that are most important to our union members.

Sue Martin, NAPE/AFSCME member and the President/Secretary-Treasurer of the Nebraska State AFL-CIO, gave a brief history of unions in the United States and outlined the core beliefs that unions hold, including safe working conditions, investment in a strong and skilled workforce, advocacy for economic justice, and the belief that everyone has the right to a workplace free from discrimination and mistreatment. 

“Unions strengthen democracy by giving workers a voice in policy debates — policies that strengthen, not gut, good jobs,” she said. “We affirm the importance of organizing into a union, which has proven to improve the lives of all workers and helps to create a robust economy.” 

Other speakers at the legislative lunch included Trevor Towey, President of the Omaha Fire Fighters, Local 385, AFL-CIO Attorney John Corrigan, and NAPE/AFSCME Executive Director Justin Hubly.

We strive to maintain and further develop a successful, collaborative working relationship with our state legislators. Doing so is the most effective way to make meaningful changes for the State of Nebraska employees we represent.

Our union’s involvement in local politics is not informed by an alignment with any particular political party. Our union supports all candidates who support workers and our members. For more information, read our latest update about the NAPE/AFSCME Government Affairs Committee.

Nebraska Association of
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