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Wayne State College Member Has Disciplinary Action Removed

Theresa Lubberstedt is a custodian at Wayne State College, and she is a proud NAPE/AFSCME member in the State Colleges support staff bargaining unit. Theresa has worked at Wayne State College since 2013 and loves her job. That is why it came as a shock to her when she received a pre-disciplinary notice in November. As a union member, Theresa knew that she was entitled to free representation in workplace matters, so she contacted her union representative immediately.

In reviewing the pre-disciplinary notice with Theresa, it was determined that the allegations were not true. She was sure that she did not do what she had been accused of doing. Theresa’s NAPE/AFSCME union representative helped prepare for her pre-disciplinary meeting and represented her through the discipline process. Despite disputing the allegations, Theresa was formally disciplined with a written warning. Management must have just cause to discipline employees. Since Theresa disputed the allegation, a grievance was filed on her behalf to challenge the discipline imposed.

The grievance process consisted of several meetings between management, Theresa, and her union representative. Theresa was wise and involved her union representative in every step of the process. Through working together in these meetings, the union and management were able to agree to remove the discipline from Theresa’s personnel file.

Theresa handled her situation perfectly. She called NAPE/AFSCME right away when she learned about the potential discipline, she had the union prepare her and represent her through the process, and she challenged the unjust discipline through the grievance process. If you or a coworker are facing potential disciplinary action, don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance right away. 

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