Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

July 1 – Pay Raise

After July 1, 2020 over eight thousand Nebraska state workers will have more money in their pockets. The 2019-2021 labor contract with the State of Nebraska bargained by NAPE on behalf of state workers calls for pay increases for hard working state employees.

Workers covered by the contract will see a minimum two percent increase to their full-time equivalent salary. That’s a raise of about $750 a year for a worker presently earning $18.00 an hour.

In addition to the blanket raise of two percent, all workers whose performance has been rated satisfactory or better by their agency for the past calendar year will receive a further raise of three tenths of a percent. For that same worker earning $18.00 an hour before the raise, the full 2.3% increase would amount to over $850 a year.

Highway maintenance staff and construction technicians will see slightly different raises, but they’ll still be at minimum two percent above their pay rate before July 1. State Colleges employees will see a 2.5% increase in their salary. 

We encourage all state employees to check their first paycheck of the new fiscal year and ensure their raise was calculated correctly. Simply take your hourly salary and multiply it by 1.02, 1.023, or 1.025 to make sure your new salary matches the raise you should have received. 

NAPE is committed to furthering the interests of and improving conditions for the state workers who make the State of Nebraska work. The ability of NAPE to continue to do that work well is entirely dependent upon the support of its members. If you are not a member and would like to join or learn more about membership, click here or call union headquarters. If you have questions about your raise or related matters, contact your local steward or reach out to the NAPE headquarters..

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees