Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

Benefits of Union Membership

United Together Across Nebraska

The Nebraska Association of Public Employees/AFSCME Local 61 represents over 8,000 government workers throughout the State of Nebraska. The union is made up of eight bargaining units under its main contract agreement with the State of Nebraska, as well as units representing workers at the Nebraska Department of Education, State College System, and Richardson County Road District. The union is affiliated with the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) which is made up of over 1.4 million active and retired members. NAPE is proud to affiliate with labor coalitions and strives to create a strong middle class.

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Member Benefits

The primary benefits of union membership are using collective power of all union members to look out for the interests of each and all. A strong union leads to higher wages, better benefits, and improved working conditions.

NAPE/AFSCME members have access to our professional field staff and legal services team for all contract related needs, including free representation during the grievance process.

There are plenty of other benefits, in particular those that NAPE members (and their family) have access to through our parent union, AFSCME. These include:

Discounts on food, flowers, and more

Discounts on travel and entertainment

Scholarship Opportunities

Great Deals on financial counseling/services

For more information about these benefits and others, check out AFSCME Advantage.


Members pay union dues which are automatically deducted from each paycheck – there is no need to write checks or provide credit card information. Dues are 1.25% of your base salary with a maximum of $28.00 per paycheck. Our average member pays less than $21 per paycheck in union dues.

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Calculate what your membership dues would be:


Why are there union dues?

Members pay dues in order to support the work of our union. 100% of dues go to supporting our members including legal services, contract enforcement, member representations, and contract negotiations. Dues money does not go to politicians or political campaigns.

You can become a union member at anytime, but the best time is today. We promise – you’ll forget to do it later. By joining today, you do the right thing and stand with your coworkers from day one to make working for the State of Nebraska an even better experience!


Joining NAPE gives you a voice in your workplace, a say in your contract and working conditions, free legal and representational services, and a host of membership benefits. NOW is the time to stand with your coworkers!