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Free Bachelor’s Degree Program Permanently Extended

Did you know being a NAPE member comes with a number of exclusive benefits? As an affiliate union of AFSCME, all NAPE members have access to the AFSCME Advantage program. Part of AFSCME Advantage includes the AFSCME Free College Program which has recently been expanded to permanently include a free bachelor’s degree program!

AFSCME Bachelor’s Degree Completion is available to current and retiree NAPE members and their families. Under AFSCME’s definition, family includes spouses, domestic partners, children, stepchildren, grandchildren, stepchildren, financial dependents, siblings, and parents. ACSME has partnered with Central State University, a regionally accredited public, non-profit university in Ohio, to make this possible. All courses are 100% online. An Associate degree or 60 or more transferable credits with a GPA of 2.2 or more in the intended major is required to enroll. Students who have earned an Associate degree or college credit outside of their intended major will begin with the AFSCME Free College Benefit at Eastern Gateway Community College and then transfer into the Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program at Central State University.

More information about the AFSCME Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program and Free College Benefit can be found at

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Nebraska Association of
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