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Corrections Nurse Wins Vacation/Holiday Leave Grievances

NAPE Member Vicky Amos is a Registered Nurse that works part-time at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution. Since early 2021, Vicky noticed that each time there is a paid state holiday, vacation leave is deducted from her accruals without her request or approval. When Vicky reached out to Human Resources about the issue, they had no explanation for the reasoning behind taking the leave.

Eventually, Vicky reached out to NAPE for help with the issue. NAPE filed a grievance on Vicky’s behalf for each holiday where vacation leave was taken from her, arguing that there was no contractual basis to take vacation leave from an employee without their request and when they do not use the leave, regardless of the paid holiday.

A hearing was held, and Vicky prevailed in her grievance and was able to recoup the vacation leave that was inappropriately taken from her. More importantly, the Department of Corrections will stop the practice of deducting vacation leave from part-time employees who work on holidays. Our contract is enforceable through our grievance process. If you believe the contract is being violated, contact us right away for assistance. 

Nebraska Association of
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