Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

March BOD Meeting Summary

The NAPE/AFSCME Board of Directors held their regularly scheduled quarterly meeting at union headquarters in Lincoln on March 5, 2022. The Board heard committee reports and conducted a lengthy agenda of business items. Below is a summary of the meeting.

Board Vacancy

The Executive Committee interviewed three members to fill the vacant Department of Transportation board position. The Board approved the recommendation of the Executive Committee to appoint Ashley Young of North Platte to fill the vacancy for the unexpired term.

Annual Audit

The Board heard a presentation from our auditing firm, DeBoer and Associates of Omaha. The auditors completed their fiscal year 2021 audit of NAPE/AFSCME financial statements. NAPE’s financial position continues to be strong, led by rapid membership growth and our third consecutive year of balanced budgets. The auditors determined that NAPE’s financial statements were accurate and that NAPE management complied with all financial reporting and financial standards. The Board approved the audit. A copy of the audit is available to all NAPE members for inspection. 

Organizing Grant

The Board was visited by AFSCME Director of Organizing and Field Services Mike Sukal from Washington, DC. NAPE has had a strong organizing campaign over the past three years, which has led to an 80% growth in union membership. AFSCME will continue to provide grant money in 2022-23 to continue our organizing efforts as we approach contract negotiations this summer.

FY2023 Budget

The Board had its first reading of a proposed fiscal year 2023 budget from Treasurer Jay Jensen (NDOT, Omaha) and Executive Director Justin Hubly. The proposed budget is the fourth year in a row the Board has been presented with a balanced budget. The Board directed Jay and Justin to continue to prioritize organizing and field staff services to continue representing our members and to continue our growth in preparation of contract negotiations in the fall. The Board will approve the fiscal year 2023 at its regular meeting in June.

Contract Negotiations/Bargaining Conference

The Board took action to finalize how members of the negotiations team will be selected at our NAPE Bargaining Conference July 16-17. The Board approved a plan to have all delegates to the Bargaining Conference vote to select eight union members to serve on the negotiations team. One member will be selected from each bargaining unit to serve on the team alongside President Melissa Haynes (DHHS, Fremont) and Vice President Brian Koch (Labor, Beatrice). 

NAPE 50th Anniversary

In summer of 2022, NAPE will celebrate the 50th anniversary of our founding and the 35th anniversary of our affiliation with AFSCME. A special committee made up of Kelly Cole (DHHS, Broken Bow), Rebecca Schademann (Econ. Dev. – Lincoln) and Mike Zgud (Retiree Chapter 161) was appointed to plan a series of recognition events in 2022 as we celebrate this milestone.

Other Business

The Board also heard a series of reports. Treasurer Jay Jensen (NDOT, Omaha) reported that we continue to maintain a balanced budget with only a third of fiscal year 2022 remaining.

The Membership Rights Committee reported that grievance filings continue to be high (79 filed in 2021), and our success rate continues to be over 70%. The Board heard a report regarding plans for upcoming town hall meetings and site visits to engage members for upcoming contract negotiations.

The Board also appointed Jay Jensen (NDOT, Omaha) and Ryan McKay (NDOT, Lincoln) as delegates to the AFL-CIO candidate endorsement convention. 

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees