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Fremont SSW Survives Tragic House Fire, Union Members Have Her Back

Rochelle Adame, a NAPE/AFSCME member and Social Services Worker in Fremont, tragically lost her home in a fire in March. Rochelle and her family made it out with minor injuries — but with only the clothes on their backs. When tragedy strikes one of our members, we rally to support them.

Rochelle said she had no idea how word about the fire spread so quickly, so she was surprised when her colleague, NAPE/AFSCME President Melissa Haynes, approached her and told her about the AFSCME Fallen Heroes Fund — a charitable organization that provides financial assistance to AFSCME members and their families who have suffered a tragedy. Through the Fallen Heroes Fund, AFSCME members donated $2,500 to Rochelle and her family. 

“I had no idea it existed until Melissa told me that someone was going to reach out to me about it,” she said. “It was very emotional, I didn’t realize it would be that much money — but when you’ve lost everything, it makes all the difference in the world.”

Rochelle and her family lost all of their vehicles in the fire, so the money they received went toward buying Rochelle’s daughter a car.

Rochelle said the community response has been overwhelming and her fellow NAPE/AFSCME members have gone out of their way to support her by donating money, clothes, gift cards, and other essentials. They’ve even called to check on the family — asking about her daughter and boyfriend who were injured in the fire. 

Rochelle wants to do everything she can to spread the word about the AFSCME Fallen Heroes Fund.

“I’m absolutely going to pay it forward by donating to the fund, and I would encourage everyone else to give what they can — even if it’s just a little bit,” she said. “I appreciate everything our union and my community has done for me and my family. It has made such a difference for us.”

We encourage all of our members to donate to the AFSCME Fallen Heroes Fund. Anything you can give will go toward helping fellow AFSCME members across the country who have experienced disaster or tragedy. An injury to one is an injury to all. Show your support and donate today.

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