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Grand Island Construction Technician Works Out of Class, Sees Higher Pay After Grievance

NAPE/AFSCME member Daniel Schleichardt works as a Highway Construction Technician III for the Nebraska Department of Transportation but was assigned work outside of his classification. Schleichardt has been performing the responsibilities of a full-time Project Manager since June.

Unfortunately, Daniel wasn’t being compensated at the proper pay rate as required by our contract. Our contract guarantees that when an employee is temporarily performing the duties of a different position for more than eight hours over two consecutive days, they are owed a higher rate of pay.

Daniel had been explicitly informed that he was filling in for a Project Manager who was about to retire, but he was not given any information about the pay adjustment. When he asked his supervisor, Daniel was told that they were attempting to fix the error. Nobody could tell Daniel when, or even if, he would receive proper payment for his work. 

Daniel wasn’t yet a NAPE member, but after weeks of not being properly compensated, he reached out, joined our union, and filed a grievance. Within days, Daniel received proper compensation and full back pay for the time he worked as a Project Manager.
If you’re not being compensated for out-of-class work, do what Daniel did and contact us right away. Strict time limits apply, so don’t delay asking for assistance.

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