Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

Need help at work? NAPE Stewards are here to assist!

NAPE Stewards are union members like you that have been trained to advocate, represent, and assist employees. 40 NAPE stewards attended a development seminar in Omaha in October to freshen their skills in representing members. If you think that a manager has misapplied the contract or has mistreated you, be sure to alert your steward. A list of NAPE stewards is available here. If you do not have a steward at your worksite, please contact the NAPE office here.

NAPE stewards will attempt to resolve your situation, but sometimes it is necessary to file a grievance to hold management accountable. NAPE has filed over 50 grievances this year and have been successful more than 80% of the time. Do not hesitate to discuss your situation with a steward. If you find yourself in a situation where you might be disciplined, contact your steward or call our office at 402-486-3911 immediately. You should never meet with your manager alone without first consulting your union representatives.

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees