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Scottsbluff Nurse Supervisor Wins Grievance

Many state employees are unaware that supervisors are eligible to be NAPE members. The State Employees Collective Bargaining Act allows supervisors (employees with a job classification that starts with “V”) to be members of the union, even if they supervise and manage other employees. The law does not allow supervisors to work under the NAPE contract or collectively bargain wages and working conditions, but it still allows supervisors to be a member of the union.

One reason why supervisors choose to become a NAPE member is because NAPE can represent it’s supervisory members through their grievance process under the Classified Rules & Regulations. NAPE has more experience than anyone, including private attorneys, litigating grievances before the Nebraska State Personnel Board. Not only is NAPE experienced, the cost of membership is significantly lower than hiring an attorney to fight a grievance through the Personnel Board process.

NAPE member Julie Lopez, a Nurse Supervisor at the Western Nebraska Veterans’ Home in Scottsbluff, noticed that she was not earning her full amount of sick leave and vacation leave in weeks where she worked on a holiday. As a nurse in a 24 hour facility, Julie frequently works on state holidays, and she couldn’t understand why the Department of Veterans’ Affairs was deducting sick and vacation time when she actually worked.

After contacting the NAPE help desk for assistance, a grievance was filed under the Rules & Regulations process on Julie’s behalf. NAPE successfully argued that the Department of Veterans’ Affairs misinterpreted the Personnel Rules & Regulations when it decided that employees who work on a holiday are not entitled to full sick and vacation leave earnings. Julie’s earnings were corrected and NDVA will stop this practice for all employees.

For supervisors to be represented by NAPE, they must be a NAPE member prior to the events giving rise to the grievance. Supervisors can join NAPE like any other member online or by mail, and are eligible for benefits like the AFSCME Advantage Program, in addition to representational services. If you find yourself in a situation where you aren’t sure if your rights are being violated, contact us right away for assistance. 

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