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Kearney NDVA Member Wins Grievance, Has Pay Increased

Did you know our NAPE contract includes a procedure for salary changes due to promotion? When employees are promoted, they are not necessarily moved to the minimum salary of the new classification. Our contract guarantees that employees will receive either the minimum salary of the new classification, or between a 5-10% increase to their current salary based on a negotiated formula – whichever results in a greater increase.

Recently, NAPE member Lacey Ienn of the Central Nebraska Veterans’ Home ran into issues with this procedure when she was promoted from Housekeeper to Staff Care Technician II. Upon promotion, Lacey was moved to the minimum salary for Staff Care Technician II rather than being given the 10% salary increase she is entitled to in accordance with the NAPE/State of Nebraska Labor Contract because the Staff Care Technician minimum rate of pay is greater than 22.5% above the minimum salary of a Custodian/Housekeeper.

Lacey contacted NAPE for assistance immediately, and a grievance was filed on her behalf in order to correct her salary to the proper rate retroactive to her promotion. Lacey’s grievance was successful, and she was awarded a 10% salary increase effective to her promotion date as the contract requires.

If you find yourself being either promoted or demoted, be sure to contact us right away to ensure your salary is changed properly. NAPE members have access to our professional staff, and legal costs associated with the grievance process are covered in full for NAPE members. Had Lacey not had union representation, it would have been difficult to correct this improper salary change.

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