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Parole Officer Wins Transfer Probation Grievance

When state employees transfer from one agency to another, they may be required to serve an initial probationary period. Our NAPE contract requires the agency to inform transfer employees before they take the position if they will be required to serve a new initial probationary period. This is important so employees can decide if they are willing to waive their status as a tenured state employee. Employees can negotiate to have this requirement waived.

NAPE Steward Arrow Caryl transferred from DHHS Child & Family Services to become a Parole Officer in 2020. He agreed to serve a new six month initial probationary period as part of the transfer. The day before the six month probationary period was to expire, Arrow was given a letter extending his probationary period for an additional six months due to “agency training protocols.” 

Our NAPE contract allows an agency to extend an initial probationary period, however, it must be for one of four reasons negotiated in our contract. “Agency training protocols” is not a reason for which an agency can extend a probationary period. 

A grievance was filed on Arrow’s behalf. The Parole Board acknowledged that it improperly extended the probationary period and agreed to recognize him as a permanent tenured employee. 

It is important that probationary periods are not extended for reasons other than those enumerated in our negotiated contract. If you, or another employee, has their probationary period extended, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the situation to make sure that our contract is being followed.

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