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Reclassification Info/Webinar Recording

DAS State Personnel (Classification and Compensation Division) reclassified nearly 1,600 state employees into new job classifications in July. This action is a management right unrelated to contract negotiations, however, with the creation of a number of new job classifications, the salary ranges on the new step salary system were negotiated by NAPE. 

State employees have rights under our contract if they disagree with their placement in a new job classification. NAPE hosted a members only webinar in July to explain this process. If you missed the webinar, you may watch it by clicking here. The password may be obtained by emailing

The first step to determining if you are inappropriately classified is to review the DAS State Personnel job specifications. Job specifications are now available online by clicking here. After reviewing the current job specification, in order to move to a new classification, employees need to find another existing job specification in which they perform the majority of the duties. Then the employee begins the review process by filling out PDQ paperwork with their agency. 

NAPE is available to assist its members who feel that they are misclassified. Please contact us if you need assistance navigating the reclassification process.

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees