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DAS Member Wins Grievance, Has Pay Increased

Our new NAPE contract provides requirements and guidelines for employee performance evaluations. This includes requiring evaluations adhere to a SMART goal format, and that the evaluation be based solely on the employee’s performance.  Department of Administrative Services employee and NAPE member Brian Vanover’s evaluation did not comply with these contractual requirements, and he was denied his two step pay increase on July 1 for receiving a below-satisfactory performance evaluation.

When Brian saw he did not receive his performance based pay increase, he reached out to NAPE, and a grievance was filed with the help of NAPE staff. The grievance challenged his evaluation and the denial of his step increases because one of the goals was based on his team’s group performance, not just Brian’s performance. The goal was also unattainable due to factors outside of his control. Our new contract requires that performance standards be attainable and based solely on the employee’s own performance, not the performance of other employees. 

The grievance was resolved when DAS acknowledged that Brian’s evaluation was in violation of the contract. Brian has since received his two step increase on the Step Pay Plan and was paid back wages for the time his pay should have been at a higher rate.

Our contract provides protections for state employees’ evaluations and pay increases.

If you have questions about your pay or your performance evaluation, reach out to a steward or contact the NAPE office for help right away. 

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