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DHHS Agrees to Settle Prohibited Practice Charge

Longtime DHHS NAPE Steward Nancy Gamboa has represented fellow employees in Scottsbluff and other parts of the Nebraska Panhandle for over 25 years. Over the summer, Nancy filed a grievance on behalf of a NAPE member, and then received a message from a DHHS Administrator that directed her not to seek out information from fellow employees.

The State Employees Collective Bargaining Act prohibits management from interfering with a state employee who exercises their rights under the act. NAPE Stewards are union members who are worksite leaders who assist other employees with contractual rights and concerns.

Not only was the administrator’s action meant to intimidate Nancy from representing employees, but it was illegal under Nebraska law. NAPE represented employees are welcome to discuss workplace concerns with their NAPE stewards on breaks, meal periods, and before and after work. Additionally, employees can talk with NAPE stewards on the clock by asking their supervisor for permission first. The supervisor cannot unreasonably withhold permission.

NAPE does not tolerate management actions that are meant to intimidate and interfere with our member’s rights. As such, NAPE filed a prohibited practice complaint with the Nebraska Commission on Industrial Relations (CIR) alleging that DHHS violated the State Employees Collective Bargaining Act. Instead of taking the case to trial, DHHS agreed to a settlement agreement. As part of the settlement, DHHS will inform all employees at the DHHS Scottsbluff Customer Service Center that they have a right to contact and discuss their concerns with a NAPE/AFSCME steward at the workplace in accordance with our contract.

If you have a question about your rights at work, you are always welcome to discuss your concerns with your union steward. You can also contact our field representatives by clicking here.

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