Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

NAPE/AFSCME Attorney Retires After 37 Years Representing Members

NAPE/AFSCME Attorney Dalton Tietjen retired on July 31 capping off a 37 year career zealously representing our union and our members. Dalton began his career representing union members in 1985 when state employees were organizing and fighting to earn collective bargaining rights. After NAPE members successfully lobbied the legislature to pass the State Employees Collective Bargaining Act as well as our affiliation with AFSCME, both in 1987, Dalton stayed on as our attorney for the next 35 years.

Over the years, Dalton shepherded our union and its members through legal challenges with sage advice and a commitment to defending the rights of workers. Dalton argued major cases before the Nebraska State Personnel Board, Commission on Industrial Relations, District Court, Court of Appeals, and even the Nebraska Supreme Court.

In addition, Dalton worked with lawmakers to ensure the State Employees Collective Bargaining Act allowed state employees to collectively negotiate for better wages and working conditions, that state employees had access to arbitration proceedings to settle disputes, and to make sure the Commission on Industrial Relations was empowered to settle unfair labor practice disputes.

We wish Dalton the very best in retirement, and look forward to welcoming our new attorney Ariana Lopez who begins on August 1.

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees