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Lincoln DHHS Member Shares Why She Joined Our Union

NAPE/AFSCME member Ashley Else, a Paralegal I for the Department of Health and Human Services, joined our union in January to stand with her colleagues in our fight to protect remote work opportunities. Ashley has worked in a hybrid schedule for roughly three years. 

“The three days a week that I go into the office, I’m so excited to be there. I love getting to see my coworkers in person,” she said. “However, those two days that I work remotely save me a lot of time and money. I commute more than 40 minutes each way when I come to the office. So, two days of remote work helps with costs but more importantly, it saves me almost two hours that I then get to spend with my family before and after work.”

When Ashley saw what our union was doing to protect remote work, she knew it was time to get off the fence and join the fight. 

“I decided I needed to put my money where my mouth is. I recognized what NAPE has done — everything from protecting case workers’ rights and improving their working conditions to ensuring we’re able to wear jeans to work,” she said.

Ashley vehemently pushes back against the insinuation that remote workers are not as efficient as those who work in an office. She noted that if her hybrid schedule caused inefficiencies, she wouldn’t have a history of positive annual evaluations. Moreover, Ashley understands the importance of the services State of Nebraska employees provide.

“I’m getting paid to do a job. I respect tax-payer money — that’s my money too,” she said. “I have a ton of respect for state employees and the work we do, and I would never try to cheat anybody out of anything by underperforming either at home or in the office.” 

Ashley is proud to have joined NAPE/AFSCME in our fight to protect all state employees’ rights. She knows that her involvement in the union won’t stop with remote work and that being vocal about where she stands is the best way to ensure that workers continue to see increased wages and stronger protections in their workplace.

Our union has seen historic growth in the past year. All of our members — whether they’ve been members for days or decades — are uniting together to protect each others’ rights. If you’re not a member, join us today!

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