Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

Our Union’s Attorneys Fight For Our Rights

Meet NAPE/AFSCME attorneys Joy Shiffermiller and Abby Osborn. Both Joy and Abby represent our union in various legal matters, mostly out of the public eye, but lately, through our fight to protect remote work, Joy and Abby’s work has been on full display. Joy and Abby work together at Shiffermiller Law Office in Lincoln. 

Joy and Abby have been practicing law since 1985 and 2010, respectively. Abby started working for Joy in 2008 while she was still in law school. 

“Working together is fantastic,” Joy said. “We have similar interests both inside and outside of the office, and our small law firm offers us the flexibility to do what we want to do.” 

For both Joy and Abby, working with and for people, applying facts to the law, and observing the different personalities at play during a case is their favorite part of the job.

Outside of work, both are interested in art, culture, and travel. They share a sense of humor, which makes working together all the more enjoyable — though they don’t share a similar taste in TV shows.

“I really like the Golden Girls,” Abby said. 

“They’re okay,” Joy responded. “But I’m more of a CSI, NCIS kind of person.” 

Joy has three grown sons and six grandchildren whom she enjoys spending time with. She enjoys traveling when she can, and especially seeks out places where she can immerse herself in different cultures.

Abby has four kids, all of whom keep her busy with various activities. She also enjoys fishing and water skiing.

Joy and Abby are proud to represent NAPE/AFSCME members every day, especially in our fight to protect remote work opportunities and our right to negotiate under the law. They’ve noticed and appreciate our members’ engagement with the fight. 

“They know how important it is and how it affects every member,” Abby said. “When they’re in the room during these hearings, it helps us feel supported and encouraged as well.”

Joy and Abby support our members through various legal actions in court and during administrative hearings. Having strong legal representation is a hallmark of a strong union, and we’re proud to have Joy and Abby on our team.

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees