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Member Spotlight: DC Walter – NDOT Crew Chief

Meet NAPE/AFSCME member DC Walter, a Crew Chief for the Nebraska Department of Transportation in Omaha.

DC grew up in northeast Nebraska and previously worked as a farmer in Iowa before moving to Omaha to take care of his grandmother. DC works the night shift and said that being a crew chief is like herding cats. DC said that at this time of year, the overnight shift crews usually work on lane closures and cutting out potholes.

“You’ve got a lot of people going in a lot of different directions, so it’s on me to communicate and get everyone on the same page so things can get accomplished,” he said.

Outside of work, DC likes to fix up cars and motorcycles. Currently, he’s working to repair three different motorcycles. He also has a one-eyed dog named Crybaby who he said takes up a lot of his time. 

“Hence the name Crybaby,” he said. “She’s needy and always wants my attention.”

DC didn’t know much about unions when he started working for the State of Nebraska two years ago, but union leader Jay Jensen, a fellow NDOT employee in Omaha, encouraged him to join. Since doing so, DC has become a regular attendee at monthly Omaha meetings. 

“I like going for the information,” he said. “Our union seems like a good way to have your voice heard, help each other out, and achieve uniform goals.”

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