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New Dept of Labor Member Shares Why She Joined at Negotiations Town Hall

Lani Niederhaus, an Office Specialist at the Department of Labor, joined our union in May at a contract negotiations town hall meeting at her worksite in Lincoln. 

Lani has been a State of Nebraska employee for a few months and has seen some of the work our union has done to advocate for our members. 

“My friend actually encouraged me to come to the Town Hall meeting where I joined,” she said. “She has been working with our union on some things and I know that her representative has helped her a lot.”

At the town hall, Lani asked about negotiating remote work language into our contract – a popular priority for union members across the state. 

“They were really inviting and answered all of our questions at the meeting in a straightforward way,” she said.

Lani became a member of our union after the meeting and said that she’d like to be a part of advocating for additional wages, better leave benefits, and the opportunity for remote work assignments. 

“I saw how much our union has helped my friend and I know that the representatives will have my back if I ever need help in the future,” Lani said.

Our union is growing stronger by the day. All employees are invited to attend our town hall meetings – which will continue through June. If you’re not a member, click here to join our union today!

Nebraska Association of
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