Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

Bargaining Conference Elections This Month

The 2024 NAPE/AFSCME Bargaining Conference will take place July 27 & 28 in Lincoln. The Bargaining Conference is the biennial meeting of our union where elected member delegates determine our contract negotiations priorities. Members, delegates, and the Board of Directors submit proposals to the delegates who then choose what to prioritize when we go to the negotiations table this fall. Additionally, delegates elect eight fellow delegates to serve as members of the state contract negotiation team.

In March, union members nominated their peers to serve as Bargaining Conference Delegates. Now, it’s time for union members to elect delegates within their bargaining units. There are contested elections in Bargaining Units A, C, & E. Union members in those bargaining units will receive a unique ballot by email no later than April 8. Members have until May 1 to cast their electronic ballot by clicking on the unique link sent to their personal email address. Members who cannot cast an electronic ballot by email must contact our office at 402-486-3911 for an alternative voting method.

The number of nominees in Bargaining Units I, M, S, & X were equal to or less than the number of delegates to be elected. In accordance with our rules, these nominees have been declared elected. There were no nominations in Bargaining Unit H.  A list of candidates for the Bargaining Conference and delegates declared elected is below.

Bargaining Unit A (Vote for no more than 6)

Tim Amos (DMV, Lincoln)

Marc Bettis (Labor, Lincoln)

Rene Botts (DHHS, Lincoln)

Adam Herron (DHHS, Lincoln)

Dave Hughes (NE Public Media, Lincoln)

Brooke Noordhoek (State Patrol, Lincoln)

Anissa Rasmussen (Economic Development, Lincoln)

John Swigart (History Nebraska, Lincoln)

Tyler Zinsmaster (Natural Resources, Lincoln)

Bargaining Unit C (Vote for no more than 14)

Ashley Augustin (DHHS, Nebraska City)

Silvia Betta (Foster Care Review Office, Lincoln)

Brian Bierschenk (DHHS, Norfolk)

Antonia Bonsera (DHHS, Bellevue)

Daniel Buchanan (DHHS, Beatrice)

Brianne Bushlow (DHHS, Fremont)

Paul Farrand (DHHS, Omaha)

Cassandra Fisher (Corrections, Omaha)

Avery Hulse (DHHS, Lincoln)

Rachel Kreifels (DHHS, Lincoln)

Teresa Menking (DHHS, Fremont)

Samantha Mooney (Corrections, Lincoln)

Jamie Novacek (DHHS, Center)

Kerrin Packard (DHHS, Bellevue)

Kris Rossman (DHHS, Scottsbluff)

Kelly Soderling (DHHS, Fremont)

Lisa Steiner (DHHS, Lincoln)

Brian Wolesensky (DHHS, Lincoln)

Brian Zegers (DHHS, Columbus)

Bargaining Unit E (Vote for no more than 2)

Dan DeJong (Environment & Energy, Lincoln)

Blayne Glissman (Environment & Energy, Lincoln)

Elbert Traylor (Environment & Energy, Lincoln)

Bargaining Unit H (Vote for no more than 3)




Bargaining Unit I (Declared Elected)

Gail Mann (DHHS, Beatrice)

Lutricia Tackett (DHHS, Beatrice)


Bargaining Unit M (Declared Elected)

Ruben Adams (NDOT, Grand Island)

Ethan Budke (NDOT, Lincoln)

Lorrie Daubs (NDOT, Omaha)

Ruth Herman (DHHS, Beatrice)

Tim Miller (NDOT, Ravenna)

Vicki Vosler  (Game & Parks, Ashland)

Delwin “DC” Walter (NDOT, Omaha)

Bargaining Unit S (Declared Elected)

Eric Bachenberg (DHHS, Lincoln)

Mackenzie Marrow (Library Commission, Lincoln)

Sharon Waters (Game & Parks, Lincoln)

Bargaining Unit X (Declared Elected)

Erika Robles (Revenue, Lincoln)

Matthew Vajgrt (DMV, Grand Island)

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