Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

Union Membership Growth Continues at a Record Pace

NAPE/AFSCME membership has steadily grown over the last four years, as we execute our strategic plan and continue to grow for more worker power at the bargaining table and beyond. Our union began contract negotiations in the fall with our highest membership level in twenty five years and surpassed our goal of 2,000 members before the start of contract negotiations.

Our growth continued throughout negotiations, and during our three week contract ratification period in January, another 225 new members joined our union! Our membership remains at its highest level in 25 years, and we look forward to continuing to grow. We plan to set an all time record for NAPE/AFSCME union membership in the next two years.

During contract negotiations, we saw the power that has come from our growth. Together, we negotiated the highest salary increases in the history of the State Employees Collective Bargaining Act, we took action by holding rallies and press conferences to highlight the importance of investing in state employees, and we were successful!

A union is a group of employees who unite together for mutual aid and benefit, primarily through contact negotiations. It’s an organization that state employees must invest in, not a service that is received.  Over 2,300 employees have decided to become a union member and stand united in the fight for higher wages and better benefits. If you are not yet a NAPE/AFSCME member, please join us today!

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees