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Town Hall Webinar Recording – April 20

If you were unable to join us for our town hall webinar on April 20, a recording is available below. For the password, please see your e-mail or you can e-mail

In response to questions asked during the town hall webinar regarding the cleanliness of certain facilities, DAS State Building Division responded as follows:

  • DAS has assumed responsibility for cleaning all areas of the Omaha State Office Building where inmate custodians are no longer being used due to the pandemic.
  • The Gold’s Building is aware of concerns and is switching to a new cleaning contactor. The new vendor begins on May 1. DAS suggests reporting specific concerns to your supervisor in the meantime.
  • DHHS local office at BSDC, DAS reports DHHS custodians at BSDC are responsible for cleaning. They are looking into reports of infrequent cleaning.
  • History Nebraska – 1500 R Street – DAS is not responsible for cleaning, however, they are reaching out to History Nebraska leaders to make sure the building is being appropriately cleaned.
  • State vehicles – TSB vehicles are being cleaned/disinfected between uses. If the vehicle is leased by an agency, it is the agency’s responsibility to provide wipes for cleaning. You should report a lack of supplies to your supervisor and/or Materiel.
Nebraska Association of
Public Employees